11/6/19 Workout of the Day and thoughts on Intensity versus volume

Rowing workout Set damper at 4 or 5 and keep it there entire workout warm up 1000 meters at stroke rate of 18 then 1000 meters at stroke of 12. 3-4 x 2000 meters at stroke rate of 22 then 1000 meters stroke rate of 15. This is a pure aerobic workout. Keep the intensity […]

Linear Periodization Vs Reverse Periodization

Linear Periodization is basically a type of training practice wherein athletes train for a certain events or races by starting at slow speeds (with a lot of volume) and gradually reduce the amount of time training at a slower speed and replacing it with lower amounts of more intense training at the goal pace/intensity you […]

7/28/19 Run Workout and Do You Have What it takes to be a Sprinter?

Run workout Warm up – 6 x 200 meters – each 200 meters a little faster than the last, keep the pace honest. level 4-5 on scale 1-10. 10 x 100 meter accelerations – start slow and finish the last 20 meters fast. If you do not have a track then do 10x 15 second […]