Running workout and is it realistic to try to get lean as possible

warm up – 5-10 min easy jog/walk

3 x 200 meters build, long strides, rest 1-2 minute between each.

3 x 300 meters – each 300 meter at goal 10k pace, rest 1 minute between each.

3 x 400 meter – each 400 at goal 10k pace, rest 1 minute between each.

3 x 500 meter – each 500 meter at goal 10k pace, rest 1 minute between each.

(for advanced runners) – go down the latter and 500, 400, 300.

cool down 5 -10 minutes.

These are not all out efforts. goal 10k pace should feel repeatable and you should not finish the workout exhausted. This is designed to be a steady state aerobic workout.

How lean is too lean? I think that the question of getting ‘lean’ has gotten out of hand. We need to find optimal and get away from this idea that a particular number on the scale is the ‘right number’. Healthy and skinny are two very different things.

For example, if you naturally weight 155 pounds and are already relatively lean then trying to get yourself to 115 is not a realistic goal. Trying to lose 5-10 pounds may be more attainable and for most people I would not advise that you attempt to lose more than that in a few months. The old adage of cutting 400-500 calories a day to lose a pound of fat has recently been challenged with new research showing that 150-200 is more appropriate (and realistic). The reality is that cutting weight slowly and safely varies person to person. some people may need to cut 500 calories a day to lose weight while some may cut 100 calories and lose weight. If weight loss is a goal, I do advise that you track your calories and determine your optimal calorie deficit number. This is going to vary depending on activity level, stress level and sleep but getting a relative average will be ideal. Also, do not worry about cutting out certain foods or requiring your self to eat a certain number of proteins, calories, carbs, etc. daily. Listen to your body and feed it what it is craving, but try to choose healthier alternatives. Maybe instead of ice cream you eat granola and yogurt, instead of a burger and fries you do baked potato and bean burger or burger on whole wheat buns, etc. The more you deprive yourself the less weight you will lose.

While I am not a dietician I can tell you from experience that fighting your weight and forcing yourself into calorie deprivation will not work, no matter how “motivated and determined you are”. Listen to your body and feed it when it is hungry and rest it when it is tired. These two things will go a long way to helping you lose weight.

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