11/7/19 running workout of the day and sweet spot training

Warm up – 4 x 200 meters light jog or 4 x 30 seconds with equal walking in between.

5 x 1000 meters or 5 x 4 minutes with either 500 meter recovery walk or 2 minute recovery walk at steady state pace half marathon pace, 80% or level 6 on scale of 1-10.

cool down

I had never really heard of sweet spot training, nor did I know what it meant. The idea of sweat spot training is that the majority of your training is done in a zone between level 5-7 on scale of 1-10. “The pace is harder than an easy tempo, a speed you could sustain for hours while chatting on and off, but not as hard as the upper reaches of threshold, where talking is nearly impossible. At the sweet spot, you’re audibly breathing but not gasping. Your tolerance of suffering may vary, but on a perceived exertion scale of one to ten, I’d put my sweet spot zone in the five-to-seven range.”

The idea here is that instead of putting in long hours of biking, running, rowing, etc. which is what most professional athletes do, you shorten the quantity and add in a little more intensity. The trick is not going so hard that you are not able to recover from day to day. Fast cat cycling and Trainer Road, two well known cycling programs, implement this style of training and seen to produce results (assuming you do not consider the testimonials on their websites biased). I have not been able to find an enormous amount of research on the topic as any type of organized training is going to produce results in the long run, I do feel that this type of training is a good way to ‘hack’ the typical model of long slow steady while also keeping workouts relatively short and engaging. The higher efforts require you to really dial in form but you are not so exhausted from the workout you are not able to recover the next day. The running workout above is a good example of steady state work and I will post more workouts with the steady state profile for everyone to use.


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