11/6/19 Workout of the Day and thoughts on Intensity versus volume


Rowing workout

Set damper at 4 or 5 and keep it there entire workout

warm up 1000 meters at stroke rate of 18 then 1000 meters at stroke of 12.

3-4 x 2000 meters at stroke rate of 22 then 1000 meters stroke rate of 15.

This is a pure aerobic workout. Keep the intensity steady and really try to dial into hitting your stroke rate. Stroke rate per minute should be a screen option on any basic rowing erg.

The question of going really hard once or twice a week versus trying to get in easier efforts 4 or more times a week is hotly debated these days in the fitness community. While the research is mixed in terms of which is most effective (I have seen research support both) I find that increased frequency at lower intensities is far superior to high intensity efforts done a few times a week. 2 point to this…

  1. Attempting to perform high intensity efforts and workouts day after day is a bad idea. This is a sure fire to get worsening performances, injuries, burn out or some combination of all the above.
  2. Notice that I said increased frequency and not just high volume. I made this mistake when I started running. While it is true that doing high frequency and high volume together can increase performances, even if the intensity is low, this is not ideal without years of aerobic training to back it up. You can go from running 4-5 miles a week to 40-50 miles the next week. This is also a good way to get injured, make mistakes, get burnt out, etc.
  3. Whatever your chosen sport may be, learning to perform the movements correctly and at a frequency and intensity that is safe is important. The best workouts that I typically have last less than an hour (usually less than 30 minutes). My form stays together and I feel that I am able to understand or unlock some new secret to perfecting a swim stroke, or a pedal cadence, or a running interval. Keeping these simple and foundational will always yield huge improvements as you get deep into the season of your respected sport.

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