8/5/19 Workouts


Run – 400 meter x 300 x 200 x 100 warm up, with 2-3 min between each. easy pace.

10 x 20 walking lunges, 10 lunges each leg repeat this 3 times with 3 min between each.

Ladder – 100 meter x 200 meter x 300 meter x 200 meter x 100 meter repeat this 2-3 times with 4 min rest between each set. Each effort needs to be at 1 mile pace effort. level 7-8 on scale of 1-10.

Cool down.

Bike – 5 min warm up level 5

2 x 5 min gear build. Start at a low gear and then increase resistance level every minute. Start level 5 end at level 8. Should feel like you are on a moderate hill.

5 min recovery easy spin.

2 x 10 minutes climbs with surges. Climb with moderate gear at a level 6 and 2 minutes push hard for 15 seconds on the hill then go back to level 6 climbing pace. Hold this for 10 minutes and then repeat. 10 minute recovery between each.

Cool down.

Assault Bike – 5 min easy warm up.

2×2 min building pace, increase pace every 30 seconds. 2 min recovery between each.

1 min. push x 3 min recovery. Push hard at level 7-8 for one minute then recovery for 3 min. repeat this three times.

After last recovery perform 1 minute all out effort then cool down.

Swim – warm up 4 x 100 stroke of choice.

2×4 x 25 building pace with 1 minute recovery between each. recovery 2 min between sets.

50x100x200x100x50 – recovery 4-5 minutes between each effort.

Cool down

Row – 5 minute warm up keep gear at 4-5 on row damper.

3 x 3min with 3 min recovery efforts. – push at a level 6-7, in aerobic zone. keep row gear at 4-5.

5×30 seconds pushes x 2 min recovery. Push at level 8 for each one.

After last recovery perform 1000 meter effort all out then cool down.

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