8/2/19 Cycle/Assault Bike workout


Cycle workout

warm up 5 min.

10 x 1 min each leg single leg drill, light resistance and steady speed, level 5 and scale of 1-10. 5 each leg for total of 10 minutes.

Increasing accelerations – 1×10 second acceleration 1 min rest, 1×20 second acceleration 1 min rest, 1×30 second acceleration then have 3 min rest and then repeat the set again. total of 6 reps, each acceleration is level 7, use light resistance and high cadence between 90-100.

over- unders – 3 min steady effort at level 5 followed by 30 second push at level 8 repeat this three times on a continuous 10 min cycle. No rest until after the last acceleration.

Hill sprints – 10 x 15 second hard pushes on a big/low gear. 90 second rest between each acceleration. The pushes are hard at level 8.

over under – 3 min steady effort level 5 on a hill/moderate gear with 30 second hard push at level 8. Make this a continuous effort with recovery not until the last 30 second acceleration.

Cool down -10-15 minutes.

Assault Bike

5 min warm up

2 min easy level 4 x 1 min steady level 7 repeat this 3 times.

recover 3 minutes.

30 second push level 8 followed by 2 minute recovery, repeat 5 times.

1 minute recovery

1 minute all out hard effort level 9 followed by recovery/cool down.

Both workouts are straight forward aerobic sessions with a small amount of sprint work thrown into the mix. Keeping a consistent and controlled phase through both is important so that you are able to effectively thrown down some solid hard efforts at the end.

Most cyclist tend to perform better sprints when they have a solid amount of base behind their fitness. They do not, however, have to spend endless hours on the bike for most events. Keeping training to within 30 minutes to an hour of activity is most beneficial for most cycling events. Doing this consistently over time will help to build over all fitness in order to be prepared for a number of events.

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