8/1/19 Run Workout and Training Versus Racing


Warm up – 2 x 400 meters at 5k pace

Drills – High knees -2x 10 x 10 meters with 2 min rest in between each.

Skips – 2x10x10 meters with 2 min rests in between each

2 x 300,400, 500 with 5 minute rest in between each. Each one at 1 mile race pace. If you do not have a track then run it as 45 seconds, 1 min, and 1:15 seconds with same rest.

Cool down

Total – 3600 meters

A short sweet and simple running workout. The long rest are designed to let you hit each interval at perfect form and pace.

Find you’re form and build on it.

I read an interesting quote from another article:  Coaches should, after all, be dedicated to one task: preparing swimmers to swim their event as fast as possible, but in our experience the vast majority of coaches do not, they just teach swimmers how to train!

I feel like a lot of us have learned how to train but not how to race.

The more specific the race the more specific the training has to be. Workouts like above are designed to help provide speed and volume that is just enough to develop the aerobic and anaerobic systems.


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