7/29/19 Cycling workout and Ultra-Short Training


Cycling workout

Warm Up 5 minutes easy pedaling

10 x 15 seconds quick pace high cadence x 45 seconds off. the 15 seconds is level 7 at a 95-105 cadence on a light gear and recovery is level 4-5.

5 minutes steady effort – level 5-6 with cadence at 95-100 on a light gear.

9 minute effort – 2 min. easy level 5 x 1 minute push at level 7 effort, your choice of cadence.

3 minute recovery

9 minute effort – 2 min. easy level 5 x 1 minute big gear/low cadence hill push level 8 on scale of 1-10.

3 min recovery

6 min effort – start at easy level 5 cadence at 90-95. Every minute increase residence so that cadence drops 5-10 rpm. Hold the initial pace that you started with entire time. Start level 5 end level 8 on scale of 1-10.

Cold down – 5-10 minutes

Total Time – 1 hour

Assault Bike – 5 min warm up

5 min of 15 second acceleration level 7 x 45 seconds easy level 4-5

2 min. push level 5

1 min push level 6

2 min easy level 5

1 min. easy level 7

2 min. easy level 5

1 min. easy level 8

2 min. easy level 5

15 second hard level 9 x 1 min easy repeat this 3 times.

could down 5 min.

Total 30 min.

Ultra Short Intervals

Ultra short training is sort of implied in the name. The basic idea is that you perform very short, intense intervals for a long period of time. Because the efforts are so short you can get in a greater quantity of high quality work without incurring the extended recovery required from longer intense efforts.

Essentially you perform 5-10 second efforts on 5-10 seconds rest from anywhere to 20-50 reps repeating each rep as time goes on.

For example you would perform 20 reps of 10 second efforts followed by 10 seconds of rests at an intensity that would be at or close to lactate threshold. This should be repeated 3-4 times, or close to 30 minutes of work with short recovery between each set.

The theory behind this type of work is that the short intensity of the effort does not deplete you glycogen levels or cause to much muscular stress so that you may repeat it consistently for a longer time than with normal high intensity efforts. Additionally you will not be as wiped out after performing these efforts and have an easier time recovering… in theory. While you could not do this every day 3-4 times a week is possible… again in theory.

While I have never tried this, I will post a link below to an interesting article about it. I thought the idea of using ultra short intervals to train for races is interesting. The article about this originally goes into how this type of training may be more beneficial to sprinters but then it goes into how it could be beneficial to endurance athletes as well since it works both the aerobic and aerobic systems. Personally, after reading the article, I think this type of training applies more to endurance athletes but it could work for both.


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