7/27/19 Swim/Row workout and Runners versus Cyclist

Swimming workout

warm up – 4 x 150 – 50 free, 50 stroke, 50 free 15-30 second recovery between each one

10 x 25 meters – free kick – 10-15 second recovery between each

10×25 meters – pull 101-15 second recovery between ach

6×75 – 25 kick, 25 free style drill where you close your fist and swim freestyle also known as fist drill, 25 free. 20 second recovery.

cool down – 200 stoke of your choice.

total – 1750

total time – about 30-45 minutes

Keep the efforts even and light. This is not fast sprints. If you need more recovery between sets take it. You want to cruise through each set with perfect form and transition from each set to the next easily. Each effort should be no harder than a level 7 on scale of 1-10.

Rower workout – 500 meter warm up. start resistance at 4-5 on machine as this most accurately reflects the feel of water.

250 meter steady effort level 6 x 250 meter easy level 4 on scale of 1-10, keep resistance at 4-5 range – repeat this 3 times.

2 x 500 meter efforts – push for 500 meters at a level 7 then recover 500 meters in between. Keep resistance at 4-5 range.

Change your resistance to level 8-10 then perform 3 250 meter high effort pushes level 8-9 just below threshold pace. Take easy 250 in between each effort.

Cool down

Total – about 6000 meters.

A Recent article published in outside magazine which I will link below had the title of “Training Makes Runners More Efficient, but Not Cyclists”

Essentially this article was looking at a recently published study that compared runners, triathletes, and cyclists and their efficiencies in each sport. The study found that runners were more efficient at running than cyclists and triathletes, no big surprise there but the study also showed that cyclist, runners and triathletes all had about the same level of efficiency on the bike. The study was small and the was only able to control for some variables.

I have always personally found that my running always seemed to help my cycling but not vice versa. This is especially important to note for bigger athletes as more running can be harder on the body of bigger athletes than smaller ones. Along that same line, biking can be a better alternative for bigger athletes to pursue to get in good conditioning as it reduces the pounding on the joints.

What this limited study tells me is that efficiency in sport can reduce overall energy expenditure, which equals faster race times. Furthermore the study may suggest that putting more time into perfecting running form may be more beneficial in the long run (no pun intended) with a different emphasis put on cycling fitness.

Now if you are training for a specific cycling race/races I do feel it is very important to put a lot of time into developing cycling skills/bike handling as this will make you more efficient, and safe, in cycling races, especially things like criterium and technical courses. This is not to say that adding a little running to your training regime may not be beneficial, but for pure cyclist make sure your bike handling is nailed down before moving onto extra training in different sports.

I want to get into this in alter posts but the idea of cycling fitness, and the best way to get into shape on the bike is changing. With programs like zwift, trainer road, etc. these programs are helping cyclists get into top notch racing shape in half the time of traditional large volume base programs. This may mean that we can use the extra time that would normally be spent biking for hours on end and apply it to other aspects of our training, like weights, running, yoga, etc.


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