7/26/19 Cycle/assault Bike workout and my thoughts on Bigger Cyclists


Cycle workout

warm up 5 min. at 85-95 rpm level 4 on 1-10 scale.

5 min cadence set – 1 at 90 rpm level 5 then 30 seconds at 100 rpm level 6 then back down to 90 rpm. Continue this cycle for 5 min. Keep gear light to allow for high cadence.

5 min spin ups – 45 seconds at 90 rpm level 5 then 15 seconds at 105-110 rpm level 7 on scale 1-10, continue straight through for 5 minutes. Keep the gear light to allow for high cadence.

3 min recovery spin

10 minute spin up – 1 min at level 6 95 rpm then 1 min at 110 rpm level 8, continue this for 10 minutes. keep gear light to allow for fast cadence.

3 min recovey

10 minute spin down – 1 min at 95 rpm level 6 then 1 minute at 80 rpm level 8 (this will be only time the add gear or use a bigger gear to decrease cadence), continue this pattern 10 minute straight.

3 min recovery

2 min. pace at 90 rpm or level 5 x 2 min at 95 rpm level 6 x 2 min at 105 rpm level 8. Keep gear light to allow for fast cadence.

5-10 minute cooldown

Total – 1 hour.

Don’t worry if you do not have a cadence monitor. Go by perceived level of effort scale, 1-10.

1-4 – easy warm up pace

5 – steady easy effort – can talk in complete sentences

6 – steady effort – can talk in complete sentences

7 – difficult effort, hard to hold sentences

8 – hard aerobic effort, hard to talk in words

9 – at threshold, can only hold for a few minutes max

10 – full out effort, hold only for a few seconds.

This is another aerobic workout designed to keep your body in an aerobic zone. Focus on good form during the workout, really engaging your gluten to drive the pedal stroke around. High cadence drills are good to develop efficiency on the bike. Constantly grinding a big gear can wear down your engird levels and never allow your body to get used to pedaling a high cadence, which is invaluable to cadence changes in races. Being able to adjust to real time race conditions requires you to be able to pedal fast at a high cadence. Big gears slow you down and waste more energy when the race pace is inconsistent. Furthermore high cadence will help to make you better at pedaling bigger gears as your pedal stroke will be more efficient and complete.

Assault bike Workout

warm up 5 minutes

5 min spin ups – every 1 min increase you pace/cadence by 5 rpm, start around 85 and go up every minute.

3 min – easy effort

10 second hard push level 8 then 50 second reocvery

20 second hard push level 8 then 40 second recovery

30 second hard push level 8 then 30 second recovery

40 second hard push level 8 then 20 second recovery

50 second hard push level 8 then 10 second recovery

3 minute recovery

5-10 minute Cool down

Total time 30 minute

This workout can ls be done on the bike/trainer/outside.

This is a straight forward workout. Each interval allows your body to adjust to holding a fast pace over a longer period of time. By the last interval you should be feeling just at your limit but still in control. This hard efforts are not sprints. They are level 8 on scale of 1 to 10. It should be a pace you could hold for 2-3 minutes if you had to.

Thoughts on Bigger cyclists

I ama bigger cyclist. The above photo of professional road cyclist Andre Greipel is a bigger rider, compared to other riders he stands at 6’0″ 175.

Bigger riders have a harder time going up hill… at least tests the knock against them. In terms of climbing mountains, yes a bigger rider is going to have a much harder time going up a mountain then a smaller rider. Bigger riders, however, tend to have much higher power output than their skinnier counterparts. My point is that if you do weight more, whether with muscle fat or both, do not be discouraged by your size. I have had a lot of success on rolling courses with small hills. Hills, unlike mountains, create an even playing field when we compete with our smaller competitors. Our ability to produce more power can get us over a hill by out powering smaller riders and our size is an advantage going down the hill because we can usually take advantage of gravity and descend a little quicker. Think a bowling falling versus a tennis ball.

Training to race something that involves climbing up steep mountains or day long stage races is very specific and not at all the norm when it comes to racing a bike, either on the road or in a triathlon. As bigger riders we can take advantage of the our ability to throw down bigger power numbers to help us a long in a course.

In addition being more strategic in a race will also help.

  1. Do not over do on the up hills. Ride within your limits and pace yourself.
  2. Safely fly down the hill once your over the top.
  3. The flat sections are where you can really hammer down the pace and take full advantage of your ability to put down a fast pace.
  4. Do not do all the work. Pacing behind.with other riders to save energy is smart and tactical. There is no rule saying you have to spend equal time doing work for other people. Make other people set the pace and follow their wheel .

I will explore more on this topic in later posts.

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