7/24/19 Workout of The Day – Swim/Row


Swim Workout

4×100 warm up. 100 free, 100 back, 100 breast, 100 free

10×25 meter – 5 x 25 meter pull, 5×25 meter kick free for total of 10.

5 x 50 meter free on 15 second rest

5×75 meter free on 20 second rest

5×50 meter free on 15 second rest

cool down 200 mixed stroke back and breast

total – 1725 – approximately 30-45 minutes.

This is an aerobic base set. The short intervals are designed for you to focus on your form. The pull is an important aspect of freestyle. Being able to pull down along your body and have your thumb brush the side of your pelvis and reset will help drive your stroke.

Swimming is an inherently technique based sport in my opinion. Learning correct stroke technique will save you time and energy in the late stage of long races. I also think it is important to learn all the strokes. This will help with freestyle stroke efficiency and prevent injuries by only doing one stroke over and over again. Furthermore you do not have to do long intense sets to get the most out of your swim workout. Short, technique focused sets with plenty of recovery is something I have implemented in my workouts and have gotten a lot from in terms of performance gains. Much more than high volume and fast workouts.


Row Erg workout – keep resistance at 4/5

500 meter easy row.

500 meter over under – every 100 meters row hard for 20 meters then go back to steady row warm up pace. The 20 meter should be level 7 on scale of 1-10 pace.

100 on/offs – 100 steady level 5 then 100 on at level 8 on scale of 1-10 for total of 1000 meters.

300 recovery row

300 row interval – increase pace every 100, start at level 6 then 7 then finish at a level 8.

400 could down

total – 3000 meters, keep the resistance level at a level 4-5 the entire time. This tends to replicate the feel of the water more accurately.

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