I had steak last night and I feel great today!

Red Meat! One of those rarely talked about foods in sports. I had steak last night for the first time in weeks and today I have more energy than I have had in a long time.

Now I am not telling you to eat red meat. I am not a nutritionist nor am I a registered dietician, the true experts of food and nutrition.

The point of this post is that foods can have surprising effects on performance. I am not a big fan of meat. In fact I was vegan for the better part of 5 years (another story for another time). Most sport diets highlight eating lean meats: chicken fish, turkey, etc. While there is no specific science on what would happen if you ate red meat for every meal, certain foods can be beneficial. I have noticed this in the past that when I eat red meat my body tends to respond pretty well to it. I tend to have more energy the next day and feel more recovered. This is different for everyone. I remember a story I had read (I was trying to find it again to cite it as reference but I could not find it) years ago about a professional triathlete who was trying to lose weight by reducing his calories by trying to eat more lean meats like chicken and fish. He last about 10 pounds and his performance went in the tank! Finally his coach told him to stop the diet and start adding back in a steak or burger. Well he actually need up gaining more weight (something like 20 pounds back) and his performance actually improved.

Being mindful about diet and listening to what you body is craving can be beneficial. Instead of following cookie cutter diet try to be mindful of your bodies cravings. Maintaining a full time job with a family and trying to add in training is a lot to place on the body. Listen to it and see what works for it and what does not.

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