About This Blog

Now that you know a little about me. What can you expect to find on this blog?

To begin with you may have noticed that this blog is called Clydesdale. No this blog is not about horses. Clydesdale refers to the race category in endurance sports of men who are over 200 pounds (this may have actually changed but for many races 200 is the standard) and women who are over 150 (Athena category). At 6 foot and 211 I fit comfortably into that category. Having come from 6 foot 139 (another story for another time) I have gone through a few changes over the years but my interest and passion for training, performance, and competition has never changed.

I found myself growing frustrated as I felt like the resources available to athletes like myself were few and far between. Those resources that were effective and available usually cost more money than I was willing to spend. So in an attempt to do something about this I began to research and tinker with training and nutrition on my own. My endeavors have really only led me to more questions, but I have learned a lot along the way. Some success, mainly a lot of learning experience and trial and error. I have always enjoyed writing, and I find that when I write about my experiences I tend to pick up on things that I did not fully see or understand before. Either way I wanted to share my journey with other men and women like me. Those who have struggled with injury, weight gain, depression, lack of motivation, and a general desire to stay healthy but actually have to work our butts off to attain it.

On this site I will post workouts and my thoughts and experiences on training, nutrition and performance. The name of this site is called democratize This came from a desire to share my knowledge with everyone. The name of the blog is called Clydesdale, to clear up any confusion.

I will not give professional medical advice or comment directly on specific situations. I will try my best to give unbiased perspective on health and fitness today.

I am still trying to find my voice so please comment on the topics and let me know what you would like to hear about. I thrive on feedback, positive and negative, and I love to put out content people are interested in learning about.

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